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When you consider what to look for in great guitar lessons, it’s really important to be aware of what you want in the process. You also need to clearly communicate what you want to the prospective teacher so that they can help you achieve what you want out of the lesson process. If you don’t tell your teacher what you want, they can’t possibly be expected to take you where you want to go, and your learning process may end up being unsatisfactory, and you might not feel like you’ve had great guitar lessons.

There is another very important aspect that I want you to consider as well, and that is the fact that a great guitar lessons, master guitar teacher may know more about what you need to know than you do. In the battle between what you need to know and what you want to know, I believe developing a great foundation for playing wins out every time. I’d like to offer you what I’ll call the “Million Dollar Story.”

Million Dollar Story About Great Guitar Lessons

I owned a big retail music store that sold guitars, amps, PAs, drums, keyboards, and also gave a lot of music lessons. I was one of the main teachers because I really love to teach, and I had a great reputation for giving great guitar lessons and students came from all around to study with me. One day I got a phone call from two young guys who were friends, and they wanted to take guitar lessons from me. They were going to car pool from some distance and so they wanted back to back lessons. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any back to back time slots. What we could offer them is that I had another teacher who had been my student, who had an opening at the same time as one of my openings, so the guys could come and have lessons at the same time, one with me and one with the other teacher. One of the guys was disappointed that he couldn’t have me as well, but they agreed and signed up. What happened then is really worth paying attention to.

Guitar Lesson Expert Great Guitar LessonsI really believe in building a playing foundation in formulating great guitar lessons, and therefore teach all of the elements of being a solid player. The other teacher was somewhat new to teaching and he was eager to make his students happy, so he taught them songs. As the lessons began, I started in teaching my student the fundamentals of being a good player, while the other teacher began his student with a song, by the Stones if I remember correctly. As we continued working with the guys, around week four I was still building a foundation and the other teacher was on to an Aerosmith song. Week seven or eight the other student was on to yet another song, while my student was diligently learning his scales in all positions, chords with inversions, and the complexity of time in both simple and complex rhythms according to the great guitar lessons design I have always followed.

Somewhere around the tenth week, my student was really uncharacteristically quiet, almost depressed, in spite of the fact that I thought he was doing incredibly well. These were only half hour lessons, so I really didn’t have time to ask him what was wrong. The following week a remarkable revelation was shared with me by my student as he came into his lesson really happy and on a high. I had to ask him why he was so much different compared to last week. What he told me really pleased me and gave validity to my entire approach to teaching the guitar.

What Great Guitar Lessons Can Do For You

He said he was upset last week because he was considering quitting his lessons with me. His friend knew three songs and he didn’t know any, and his friend took every opportunity to ridicule him for how much more advanced the friend was than him. But then an interesting thing happened. They were both invited to a jam session with some friends who were pretty advanced players. As he told me what happened there, that is when he really lit up.

What Makes Great Guitar Lessons

He said that he figured out that his friend who had been bragging about how much better he was because he knew three songs, really didn’t know anything about playing the guitar, and if the group wasn’t jamming on one of the three songs he knew, he couldn’t play anything else and so he sat all night, not getting a chance to play. My student was so excited that because he knew a lot of chords, scales, licks, timing variations, as well as how to get around in lots of keys, all the group had to do was tell him the key and chord progression, and he was playing all night. He even got to take some improvised solos at the level he could play at. He had a remarkable experience and thanked me for how I had been teaching him, and finally realized he’d been getting great guitar lessons after all.

He was apologetic for second guessing me and letting his friend get into his head with the equivalent of guitar trash-talking. Sometimes what to look for in great guitar lessons isn’t what you think it will be.

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