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Guitar Lessons

Guitar is a fantastically versatile instrument. There are so many different ways to play it as well as a great number of musical styles that are dominated by impressive guitar techniques. Each and every beginning guitar student all the way up to intermediate students quite often are looking to focus on one type of guitar playing, so that they can effectively play the style that they are most attracted to. Below we have listed some of the many types and styles of guitar lessons the Guitar Lesson Expert focuses on.

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  • Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons
    Beginner acoustic guitar lessons do more for your playing than anything else. Like most technical skills, there are right ways and wrong ways to play guitar.
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
    Acoustic guitar lessons are the path to mastery of acoustic guitar, from picking to fingerstyle, from solo to accompaniment, from tunings to advanced chords.
  • Electric Guitar Lessons
    Electric guitar lessons will open up a Pandora's Box of amazing guitar playing techniques, from soloing skills to powering songs, and creating an awesome tone!
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons
    Use your fingerstyle guitar lessons to turn your guitar playing into a mini-orchestra, arranging solos and accompaniments that amaze your listeners.
  • Lead Guitar Lessons
    It's through effective lead guitar lessons that you will blossom from a guitarist to a lead guitarist! Hard work and dedication pays off.
  • Slide Guitar Lessons
    Slide guitar lessons give you the know-how and the confidence to color your music with this super emotional style, adding uniqueness to what you do.
  • Blues Guitar Lessons
    Playing the blues is a universal sound, but it's not always obvious. Blues guitar lessons blaze the trail and point the way.
  • Jazz Guitar Lessons
    Jazz guitar lessons take some of the complexities of the technique and make them understandable and playable from soloing to comping.
  • Country Guitar Lessons
    Country guitar has become all the rage and is such a blended set of techniques. Country guitar lessons makes sense out of the puzzle pieces.
  • Hendrix Chordal Style Lessons
    Jimi Hendrix turned music on its ear. By taking Hendrix chordal style lessons, you can express yourself in this amazing style.
  • Bass Guitar Lessons
    The bass straddles the rhythmic and chordal heart of all music. Taking Bass guitar lessons lets you take command of the job.

The Guitar Lesson Expert performs in all of these styles, both in live performance and in studio recordings, and has been teaching them all for years. While we have taken the time to isolate many of these styles into individual curriculums, the ambitious guitar student is more than welcome to merge as many of these techniques as desired into their lesson plan.

Having a skilled and experienced master teacher sharing all of the techniques of being a great guitarist with you will advance your playing skill faster than anything you can imagine. The principle format for lessons is private guitar lessons, one on one. Ask us about group lessons, workshops, and practice playing circles.

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If you live outside the San Diego area, the Guitar Lesson Expert also does lessons via Skype.


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blues rock solo

Hendrix style chordal solo

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advanced fingerstyle
with violin solo

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fingerstyle accompaniment

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