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Student Testimonials From
Guitar Lessons

There are two life-altering rewards from teaching a skill that you both have mastery of on a personal self-expression level and feel the joy from sharing, coaching, and mentoring guitar students in the study of. One is watching those students grow into their own expertise, in part from what you’ve taught them and partly from their own talent, and become professionals in the music industry. The other is to touch base with students many years later and realize that what you taught had some enduring qualities and its staying power impacted student’s lives from when they took lessons, well into the present and presumably beyond.

The following testimonials are from students both present and past and their words warm my heart with the gratitude they express and the kind words they share about my teaching process with each and every one of them. I am so happy that the brief amount of weekly lesson time that we shared made such an impact on the way they use the guitar to express themselves.


Tom was a student from an earlier stage of my teaching life. I remember him as being an insatiable learner who couldn't get enough of the guitar and due to finances, had to quit lessons long before either of us expected him to. I still communicate regularly with him via Facebook and I know his appetite for the guitar has only grown in the time since we had our weekly guitar lessons.

Many years ago I had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons from David Randle. I was at least thrilled that I was sitting there with a local music hero from the days of the Brain Police...but mostly, the way he explained every phrase and action of whatever we were learning. He was complimentary, when he didn't need to be, and he was motivating all at the same time. Though my lessons did not last as long as I would have liked them, I was a starving college student, everything he taught me has stuck with me some 30 plus years later. The most important thing a teacher can give a student is the foundation that never changes and allows you to grow from it. David did that. Thanks for getting me moving...it has been a long delightful road.
Tom Stolzoff
Carlsbad, CA

It can be a thrilling moment for a teacher when a student embraces everything that you teach them and then proceeds to go out and touch the world with their talent. Recording artist Rachel Lynn Sebastian was a dream to teach and is definitely an artist on the rise. She leads with her heart and oozes passion in everything she does. I'm so happy for her and delighted to have been her teacher.

David Randle is a TRUE teacher - the kind that can explain, guide, nurture and empower talent at any level. He instilled songwriting and guitar skills in me that I still use to this day and has encouraged me non-stop in my musical journey. I recommend that anyone take the unique opportunity to study with David. You will see the benefit immediately and it will last a lifetime.
Rachel Lynn Sebastian
Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Lynn Sebastian 

In all my years of teaching, I have never had a student who was so excited about the prospects of tapping into that part of himself that feels music so profoundly. In just about every lesson, regardless of the intensity of his day as a hand surgeon, Robert transforms into a being expressing uncontrollable joy with a guitar in his hands. It is my good fortune to have him as a student, because even though he's not entirely sure how he's going to get there, he knows exactly where he's going.

I recently had the good fortune to find David Randle. I had been considering guitar lessons for quite a long time but had difficulty locating a suitable teacher. It was through a random conversation with an acquaintance that David's name came up as a quality instructor and excellent teacher of all types of guitar methods. With reticence, because of disappointments in the past, I called and made contact with a kind voice who explained how he approached the subject of learning the guitar. We chatted about my goals and aspirations and I immediately became excited as his passion about his craft became immediately palpable. I scheduled a trial lesson and met David in his home. He put me at ease and explained how his method of teaching was individualized and tailored, offering a pathway to ultimately master the guitar in a way that emphasized understanding the expression and phrasing of musical passages, and integrating techniques to learn how to express the emotions of music, weaving notes like the spoken language.

David is kind and he is knowledgeable. He loves what he does and has had many years perfecting his craft. His wife is a voice teacher and together they are a very colorful couple offering insights that are far ranging and informative, many outside the realm of music. But when examined, it really is all about the music, the universal expressions that bind us in the way we perceive and communicate with each other and our world. Like the primal rhythm of the ocean or the beating of the heart, David teaches his students to individually connect to our inner rhythms and to learn how to master expressing them though the guitar so that the music we make expresses the poetry inside of all of us.

That is a very special skill, and David is a very special instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with their inner music and learn how to express it.
Robert Gelb, MD
Encinitas, CA



It was very exciting to work with Jay, because he really maximized all his skills.As a top level professional psychologist, it would have been easy for him to be satisfied with being a good player like all the othe other doctor, lawyer, professionals who were weekend warriors. However, he pushed himself and form a performing music group on the weekends. Jay, my friend, I tip my cap to you.

I've played guitar for most of my life, but didn't really start to understand what I was doing until I studied with David. He's got an encyclopedic mind for music and constantly inspired me to play better leads with more interesting musical phrases. He taught me how to play smarter, melodically, and in control , not just fast. He helped me understand music theory and how to compliment others in my playing. He's a brilliant teacher, an amazing musician , arranger and composer. He's generous with his time, an all-around great guy . I can truly say that my experience with David was a gift for life.
Jay Schneider
Tierrasanta, CA

Rich had unquestionable talent and a maverick spirit to go with it. He really wanted to learn the guitar, but not so much to copy what other players were doing, he had a drive for self-expression. I feel like a mother hen knowing he has gone on to be a professional songwriter and musician with his own music company. I wish every seed that I had planted grew like this one.

David was my first real guitar teacher. He gave me the tools to build my own style upon, and that's the best thing a teacher can do. Anyone can show you the hot new thing, but to equip someone with the tools and confidence to develop their own thing is truly special. With great ears, years of experience and know-how, David Randle is the guy to help you chart your own course. Rock on my hammies!

Rich Wiley
San Diego, CA
Upland Ave. Music

There is always a potential challenge when you work with a student that you know in social circles before they begin training with you. Pamela is a glorious person and it would be really easy to get caught up in conversation instead of the task at hand. She has a great love of music and an existing experience playing the piano, so once she decided to "go for it," in terms of learning the guitar, she has been a dream to teach.

I came to the “guitar game” late in life – at 58 in fact! My first choice for a guitar instructor was a man I have known of for over 43 years. David Randle was a legend, truly a legend in Chula Vista, California where we both grew up. He was teaching guitar to a few of my friends way back in the late 70’s. So I was overjoyed when he agreed to take me on. I was a bit concerned as I live in Colorado and David in California, but he was confident he could teach me via Skype. So Skype we did and I was amazed at how well it worked.

David has an incredible gift for knowing exactly how to connect with a student. I was far older than most of his students, and a female to boot, but he knew just how to connect and reach me. I had some music background and he quickly built on what I knew. He has an incredible ear – could even tell immediately when my guitar was out of tune!! He is patient, incredibly sharp and the best music instructor I have ever had. Our lessons were fun and educational at the same time.

Fantasic teacher, super talented musician, and we have become good friends. What more can you ask for?
Pamela Cavanaugh
Colorado Springs, CO

Brad is such a great example of a person with incredible professional success in their chosen field deciding a little later on in life to take up guitar, and work as hard at it as he does his job. Brad had already developed some good proficiency playing fingerstyle blues in the style of Rev. Gary Davis and Blind Blake, but he wanted to learn how to improvise solos over his favorite songs. He's well on his way.

Besides my wife and family, I have two great passions in my life: my work as a trial lawyer and my music. I started playing guitar in 1999 at age 55, mostly alone, to amuse myself, taking lessons from various teachers and online.

Although I manage to pick up my guitar almost every day, I recently noticed that I had stopped making progress. I needed help. I wanted to get better, to learn improvisation, and to play with others.

This is when I had the good fortune to find David Randle. I started lessons with him just 6 weeks ago and already I am making real progress. He was instantly able to assess my strengths and identify my weaknesses and to re-direct my skill building. He understands exactly where I am and where I want to go. His enthusiasm for the instrument and his level of professionalism are inspiring.

These lessons are a lot of fun, but the real pleasure comes from the feeling of developing competence with each session. I have a sense that I am going to be a much better player a few months down the line.
C. Bradley Hallen, Esq.
San Diego, CA

Paul is not a student of mine, but a music peer, a recording artist. He made this comment as an observation of the role I play in the community of aspiring musicians, both guitar players and songwriters. Paul is a man who comes from the heart, which makes his words all that much more special.

I appreciate you being so willing to articulate and share your life experience... I really do think of you as an evangelist for people to connect with their inner spirit thru music.
It's a beautiful thing!
I admire your commitment.

Paul Moeller
Encinitas, CA
Paul Moeller 

Robert Marx has got to be the most interesting student I've ever had in one very special way. Robert finessed me into allowing him to do video recordings of his guitar lessons, but when he came for his lessons, it was like nothing I could have imagined. Robert had been in the film and TV industry and was completely well-versed in the use of lights and camera. My guitar lesson room was transformed into a small soundstage and it's as if I was doing a guitar lesson special for KPBS...and this went on for a couple months. What a memory! And he still has the footage.

David is an unusually gifted musician, songwriter and producer. When he is teaching guitar, it is at the very highest level. Studying guitar is, in itself, a challenging task, but it also became a doorway that opened to a multi-layered dimension of understanding music from multiple angles. After 15 or so years of working through the material from the initial sessions with David, I am just scratching the surface of the possibilities he presented me with. I have more than enough information to last a couple more lifetimes. It has been and is time well spent.
Robert Marx
Tujunga, CA


Rick came to me as a referral from another student, and was a delight to teach. Music was a big part of his life experience and he had a hunger and a thirst to express himself in the musical realm.

In my experience with David Randle as a guitar and music theory teacher, it was beyond expectations. Whatever you wish to learn on the guitar, he can teach it. Whatever your goals are musically, he can take you there!
Rick King
Fallbrook, CA


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