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The purpose of great lessons on the guitar is to teach you to play guitar really well. But what is guitar, really? And what is guitar music? Depending on the person you ask and their own personal tastes, Guitar Types and Stylesguitar could be rock electric, strummed acoustic, slide guitar, classical, country rock, fingerstyle acoustic, arch-top jazz guitar, twelve string, or any number of other configurations and styles. It could mean a mastery of open tunings, or signal processing equipment for that searing electric rock sound, or even strategic capoing to build latticed arrangements.

Whatever guitar means to you, that is what you want to learn. All of the above styles and types of guitars and guitar playing have rich and unique traditions of their own. There really isn’t such a thing as general guitar playing and ultimately you’ll be specializing in one or more of these areas. Yes, there are the same number of strings (excluding a twelve string which is actually played in the same way as a six-string guitar) and except for special tunings, the fingerings are the same. But the heart and soul of each guitar and accompanying style and technique is far from the same.

What We Hear About Guitar Lesson Expert

I appreciate you being so willing to articulate and share your life experience... I really do think of you as an evangelist for people to connect with their inner spirit thru music. It's a beautiful thing! I admire your commitment.

Paul Moeller, Recording Artist


It is important to search for a teacher who embodies the techniques and styles of the type ofGuitar Lessons on Electric Guitar guitar that you want to play; and not just an abstract, intellectual knowledge of the techniques, but full emersion into the culture of the style. The Guitar Lesson Expert has performed professionally in those styles, spent a career recording in studio playing in those styles, and especially teaching all those styles to a widely diverse and eager group of students.

We believe that it is important to learn more than the simple mechanics of the technique, like how to hold the instrument, place your fingers, and attack the strings. Playing music is a complex interaction between thought and feeling, mechanical and inspirational coordination. You must simultaneously think a note, feel it, and physically execute it. There is a pathway leading to that level of mastery and the Guitar Lesson Expert is highly trained and experienced in showing you the way. As we express in the graphic at the top of the page, we have two hands and one heart, and to make the music come alive, we must merge the two together. And that will make all the difference.

Acoustic GuitarSo whether you are looking for lessons for beginners and you realize it's critically important to learn the right way, even for beginners, or whether you are looking for the best lessons you could find anywhere, contact us today and ask us any and all questions you need answered before you embark on the remarkable journey of guitar playing. For private one on one lessons in San Diego, or even lessons internationally via Skype, we can help you with all your guitar playing instructional needs.

You deserve the "magic" in your life that playing the guitar at a reasonably high level can bring to you. Just imagine the feeling of playing along with all your favorite CDs, jamming with your musician friends, and having your non-musician friends look at you in that way that acknowledges that you have an ability they wish they had. This is definitely a reachable goal.

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melodic rock solo

blues rock solo

Hendrix style chordal solo

fingerstyle accompaniment

slide guitar solo

advanced fingerstyle
with violin solo

rock solo intro

fingerstyle accompaniment

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