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  • Guitar playing is an art and so is guitar teaching. Having a master guitar teacher is so important. Take guitar lessons in San Diego or on Skype with The Guitar Lesson Expert.
  • Guitar lessons often bring up questions in guitar students minds, and Guitar Lesson Expert has created a video series to answer them
  • Specialize in the exact area of guitar playing that you are most interested in. Guitar is a multi-faceted instrument and the Guitar Lesson Expert has the expertise and experience to train you in just the way you want.
  • Beginner acoustic guitar lessons do more for your playing than anything else. Like most technical skills, there are right ways and wrong ways to play guitar.
  • Acoustic guitar lessons are the path to mastery of acoustic guitar, from picking to fingerstyle, from solo to accompaniment, from tunings to advanced chords.
  • Electric guitar lessons will open up a Pandora's Box of amazing guitar playing techniques, from soloing skills to powering songs, and creating an awesome tone!
  • Use your fingerstyle guitar lessons to turn your guitar playing into a mini-orchestra, arranging solos and accompaniments that amaze your listeners.
  • It's through effective lead guitar lessons that you will blossom from a guitarist to a lead guitarist! Hard work and dedication pays off.
  • Slide guitar lessons give you the know-how and the confidence to color your music with this super emotional style, adding uniqueness to what you do.
  • Playing the blues is a universal sound, but it's not always obvious. Blues guitar lessons blaze the trail and point the way.
  • Jazz guitar lessons take some of the complexities of the technique and make them understandable and playable from soloing to comping.
  • Country guitar has become all the rage and is such a blended set of techniques. Country guitar lessons makes sense out of the puzzle pieces.
  • Jimi Hendrix turned music on its ear. By taking Hendrix chordal style lessons, you can express yourself in this amazing style.
  • The bass straddles the rhythmic and chordal heart of all music. Taking Bass guitar lessons lets you take command of the job.
  • Hear what our guitar lesson students are saying about Guitar Lesson Expert
  • The most important person in the Guitar Lesson equation is you. Select a teacher with the training, experience, and expertise to take you where you want to go on the guitar
  • Guitar Lesson Expert has put together a fun page of Memes about guitar playing and learning guitar in general. Enjoy and please recommend others we might add.
  • We can design the perfect guitar lesson experience for you with all the elements of the styles you love the most. Get your free consultation at (760) 550-7783.
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melodic rock solo

blues rock solo

Hendrix style chordal solo

fingerstyle accompaniment

slide guitar solo

advanced fingerstyle
with violin solo

rock solo intro

fingerstyle accompaniment

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all pieces are excerpts from
R & D" by Rebeca & David