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Hendrix Chordal Style Lessons

Hendrix Chordal Style Lessons from the Guitar Lesson ExpertJimi Hendrix put the world on its ear with the use of partial chords and double stops with pentatonic scale lines passing through with hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. Guitarists love "Little Wing," "May This Be Love," and many other Hendrix favorites with an almost etheric use of this flowing guitar style.

The interesting thing about this style, is that even though Hendrix brought it front and center and applied it to music styles where it hadn’t been typically used before, Jimi Hendrix was not the inventor of this guitar technique, he is just the one most associated with it. Country music has used these elements for years and years, and we can find tons of applications of the style across music genres from Al McKay in Earth Wind and Fire songs to Prince in Purple Rain.

These techniques are definitely worth learning no matter how you choose to apply them or how creatively you wish to weave them into your songs. Getting some Hendrix Chordal Style Lessons from the Guitar Lesson Expert can add a lot of spice and flavor to your playing.



              Painting used courtesy of
        Patrick Carney at Creative Star Art


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melodic rock solo

blues rock solo

Hendrix style chordal solo

fingerstyle accompaniment

slide guitar solo

advanced fingerstyle
with violin solo

rock solo intro

fingerstyle accompaniment

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