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Blues Guitar Lessons

There is an area where some of the many guitar styles overlap. This is one of those areas. While most blues guitar music has traditionally been played on the electric guitar, there is a great deal of old time acoustic guitar blues as well as slide or "bottleneck" blues guitar to become familiar with. Playing the blues requires a strong emotional connection to the music as well as knowing what to play while the singer is singing and not just how to solo. Choosing the "right" scales, knowing the 8 bar, 12 bar, and 16 bar blues progressions and loads of effective "turnarounds," fills, and phrasing with just the right combination of notes with plenty of breathing room and syncopation are so important. This is why even though blues can seem like the most natural of ways to play the guitar, that blues guitar lessons can elevate you to where you want to be even faster and might even be more necessary.  

Blues Guitar LessonsBlues has become a language with many dialects. Just like the English language can vary so much depending on whether you are north or south of the Mason-Dixon Line, or on the East or West coast, or even more subtle variations, blues music varies greatly depending on whether it’s urban or rural, big city or country. It has found its way into straight ahead rock’n’roll with groups like the Rolling Stones, into all manner of Pop singers like Joan Osborne, and incredibly, because of the depth of its feeling, into the very foundations of Jazz. It is in the realm of Jazz, however where blues tends to take on more of the aspects of Jazz than Jazz taking on elements of blues. 

Blues playing can go from being extremely simple to incredibly complex, and the strange thing about it is that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Blues is about feelings. When you’re telling your troubles to a friend, sometimes one word is more effective in communicating where you are at than a whole paragraph. It just depends on how well you express your feelings in the word or words you choose. 

I’ve had fairly elementary students learn how to play some of the simple lines that B.B. King plays. The trick is learning how to express the lines with as much depth and feeling as B.B. does. There are some very subtle techniques that have to do with how you fret the strings that can add to the emotion that is present when you play. There are also some different approaches to vibrato that can heighten the impact that a phrase has on the listener’s ear. Blues is filled with artifacts that change the note attack on the guitar. You can find yourself sliding up to a note, sliding down, hammering up, pulling off down, bending up, and pre-bending and releasing down. All these attack variations add to the unique voice that any phrase expresses. 

Blues can at first feel like one of the most natural ways to play the guitar, and yet it is probably one of the most dependent on technique. You can become fully immersed in that technique by taking blues guitar lessons from the Guitar Lesson Expert .  



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melodic rock solo

blues rock solo

Hendrix style chordal solo

fingerstyle accompaniment

slide guitar solo

advanced fingerstyle
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rock solo intro

fingerstyle accompaniment

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